Radio Jingles

More than ever, with so many recent advancements in digital audio technology, the quality of sound for a voice-over recording has never been more critical. The days of televisions with only one rear-facing speaker and in-ear headphones producing ‘tinny sounds’ are gone. Because of digital technology, the sound quality in-ear headphones can be almost unmatched. Just look at the number people with them plugged into smartphones and you will see that they are the most important segment of the “Internet-enabled market” when it comes to marketing.

At Egoboo, you will find only the latest state-of-the-art recoding equipment used in conjunction with a acoustically treated sound booth equipped with a professional high-end microphone and pre-amp to provide voice-over recordings of impeccable clarity.

Not sure if you need a professional voice-over recording? We’re happy to give you advice.

Voice-over recordings are a way to connect with listeners or viewers on a deeper level. Voice-over recordings may be used for entertainment or commercial promotion. As each voice talent is unique, voice-over recording cannot be applied to all. It is unlikely that the perfect voice for a video about Ireland as a tourist destination will be available. Nor are they likely to be suitable as voiceovers for an advertisement for an energetic drink.

Egoboo is lucky to have access a huge selection of professional male voice talents. We can quickly determine who to contact first for each individual project. This is only part of the story. Radio Jingles

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