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ThePADoctor.com is a project of several certified Physician Associates (PAs) who either hold or are seeking doctoral degrees in medicine, health, or related fields.

What’s the point?
Though PAs have been around for 50 years, some people still don’t really understand what a PA is, what they can do, and why you should see one.
Their previous title, Physician Assistant, didn’t describe the high degree of autonomy that these well-trained providers command.
Beyond bad branding, too many rules and regulations across the US are more about controlling potential competition than they are about patient safety.
With doctoral degrees for PAs becoming increasingly common, we felt some form of quality control was necessary. We can’t influence accreditation, but we can call it as we see it.
Why are articles written anonymously?
Because the internet brings out the worst in people. To protect our families, our jobs, and our patients, we’ve all decided to write under the same pen name: The PA Doctor. It also allows us to be in more places at once. Occasionally, guest posts will be credited to a particular author but when any author desires the ability to speak freely without fear of retribution, they are offered some shelter under a pseudonym.

Do You Take Submissions or Contributions?
Yes, but we reserve the right to edit for clarity and fit.

If you’re interested in contributing an article relevant to PAs, the practice of medicine, or health in general, please leave a reply. Your response will not be published. DMSc degree

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