Our journey begins with over a decade of experience in mold assessments and remediation. During that time, over 20,000 commercial, multi-family and residential properties were assessed and remediated for mold issues. Post mold remediation testing was performed as needed to ensure the structure was safe to occupy. Unfortunately, current mold testing methods only identified if mold spores were elevated compared to the outside environment. Research and air testing for toxic mycotoxins did not exist. Many individuals in water damaged buildings were still experiencing health issues. Now, with Respirare’s AMEA testing, structures can be assessed for toxic elevated airborne mycotoxins. This is an important step in ensuring structures are safe for occupants.

Respirare Labs primary focus and sole purpose is limiting peoples exposure to these toxins as much as possible. We want to provide peace of mind and assurance on the air within the indoor environment because every breathe matters. Respirare Labs has a vision to be the leader in airborne mycotoxin testing throughout North America EMMA Test

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