Law firms in Lagos Nigeria

Resolution Law Firm, which ranks among the top legal law firms in Nigeria was founded by a group of passionate, hardworking and honest lawyers committed to the excellent delivery of legal services in Nigeria.
The Firm is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and maintains two law offices in Lagos and another law office in Abuja, offering corporate and general civil legal services.
The Firm offers legal services for both local and foreign entities seeking legal services and representation across Nigeria. Our legal consultants are experienced in various areas of legal practice.
The Firm is affiliated with various local and international professional groups.
Every individual understands the importance of quality legal services. Lawyers that are extremely hardworking and committed to their goals will definitely be able to negotiate a better bargain for their clients, either in a transaction roundtable or arbitration or courtroom. Our lawyers are passion driven and highly motivated for legal services, and they are always after the best and fair deal in every bargaining.
The firm is internationally recognized and has over the period assisted in several international and cross-border transactions for individuals and foreign corporations operating or seeking to establish in Nigeria. Law firms in Lagos Nigeria