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Matt Maguire did his first foot mobilisation techniques FMT course over a decade ago.

He owned a clinic with Ted Jedynak using Foot Mobilisation Techniques to set people free of pain.

In 2014 Matt created a new system called MME (Mobilisations, Manipulation & Exercises) and opened the Hip To Toe clinic, which now has 2 podiatrists and a physiotherapist using MME on over 300 clients a week.

To learn more about Matt Maguire and how he used Foot Mobilisation Techniques, and then MME, to help free people of pain click below.

Now you can attend one of the CPD workshops that offer fantastic CPD Packages for podiatrists, CPD Packages for Physiotherapists, CPD Packages for Chiropractors and CPD Packages for Osteopaths with hands on CPD courses.

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